Service to you, our customer, will always be foremost in all of our operations. 

We accentuate that point by including “Service” in the name of our company.

Our Services

We are known for our excellent customer service and quality to general contractors and concrete sub contractors. 


EstimatingWe give our customers fast, accurate quotes. We include materials, fabrication, detailing, coating and delivery costs.  


Detailing -   Our detailing team works to a schedule that fits our customers’ needs.  We detail steel in a quality manner that allows for good fit-up and ease of installation in the field.  

Fabricating - Fabrication of all steel materials is carried out using latest model equipment and employing experienced and dedicated employees.  ​

Delivery - We deliver almost all of our steel with our own trucks and drivers to ensure timely delivery and efficient customer service.  


Estimating & Detailing


We have three rebar estimators and two structural and miscellaneous estimators, all with many years of experience, using either a proprietary software or an in-house systems to prepare detailed cost estimates of material, labor, detailing, freight and outside services for timely proposals to our customers.

Once we receive an order, we immediately begin to prepare shop and placing drawings according to the contract documents.  We sequence this work to match the sequences in the field to assure we stay ahead of our customer’s schedule all the way to a job’s completion.  To do this we employ three experienced rebar detailers, one structural detailer and a regular contract detailer and qualified outside detailing companies at times.



Our in house fabrication shop employs a multitude of value-added processes, including cutting, bending, welding, cutting, forming. machining and assembling processes. With our top of the line equipment, our ample material supply and our highly skilled people, we are ready to meet the specific requirements of any project & we ensure that our customers will receive materials and service in the most efficient fashion.

STSSC Delivery


To ensure excellent customer service, we use our own trucks and drivers so that we can guarantee delivery is on time, every time. We can serve you anywhere in South Texas on your time schedule to deliver quality products